Monday, July 29, 2013

Task list due by August 2nd & 3rd

Task list by this Friday of August 2nd.

Marc- finish final line drawing of drill and scan all the thumbnail images for drill machine
           * By this Wed- bring the interior sketch of prison hallway. I'll start the value and quick colo indication with you on Wed and have you finish this by Fri.

Leslie- 4 sheets of 11x 17 filled with Snow white town  individual thumbnail studies 
                       - do 2d silhoueete for 2 pages and do 3/4 view thumbnails for 2 pages.

                      -  Look at lot of REFERENCES

                      - Look at HENN 's work Not to copy his design but to copy his layout and plans.

Juno -   You will have 2 projects to work before you apply.

            - 1st one will be alibaba and 40 thieves  

             - 2nd one will be the one from the list you made while ago. We will pick this together later

            -  Bring 2 pages of 11x 17 filled with environment thumbnail sketches like you did in Friday                               sketching class. make lot of small view finders and use only lines, NO VALUES.

             - Take time and make your line clean. During this first project. I'll have you work a lot with your line                quality.

Ryan  -  2 thumbnail pages of street view of the camelot. (use only line)

           -   Pick any 2 thumbnails from the ones we pick on Sat, do larger detail sketch of the exactly same                    

           -   Do full black and white photoshop value studies for the thumbnails we picked by this Sat.

* Everyone needs to come on Wednesday to check with me the process before you bring final ones on Friday and Saturday. You must have finished assignment I requested here by due dates.
Have fun guys :)

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  1. Hi guys
    Can you guys please upload your current working piece? Charles will give you paint over or leave quite note here for you guys to complete/revise by Wed 7pm
    Thank you