Monday, December 16, 2013

oforest 1/2

 I need help painting the rocks. I'm not sure how to add detail without having edges becoming too hard or messing up the value.

What color palette/painting should I use for the 3rd, vertical painting?

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  1. 1st painting: even when you look at the painting pretty far away, it lacks the texture on the rock left side. Research some good rock texture and put them on top and paint over to reduce the photo texture little bit. also, you need smaller brush stroke to define smaller details over all especially on the river. 2nd painting: greatjob on the composition. push the contrast between where it hits the light but you have to have middle transition value between darkest area and lightest area. Since the tree is huge, you need lot of texture and details on the tree stem. use photo texture again and blend it with the brush on top. Also, keep up your daily schedule. You have to have these 2 completely finished by tomorrow. Also, you need to catch up today's schedule as well.