Thursday, February 20, 2014

Albert Lim

I changed the repetitive pattern of the left hills and the smoke.. not sure if I approached it correctly..
tried to not make the highlights so blotchy.. having trouble controlling light hitting the buildings..

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  1. oops I didn't see this one. hh Yeah, I think main problem is still value and clarity. Don't worry. You just have to get used to painting. You see the highlight on buildings? They are very spotty. in other words, from the thumbnail, it's hard for me to look at one spot. Also, there are too many values reading from thumbnails both in light area and shadow area in the building. You shoulve asked jeff to paint over on this tonight. I'll still go over again. Also, Albert at your painting level, you have to spent lot of time even on thumbnails, almost as if you're painting them as final black and white. Even for me it takes good one hour to do really detailed black and white shot. So for you guys, at least I would say 3 hours. If you guys' black and white painting is really good, sometimes we can skip color painting. so for now just wrap up till Sat. and Let's talk about the color.