Tuesday, March 18, 2014


 Need to render this more before I paint this over with color.

The rest of the paintings I'm still working on. the last one is going to have houses on the rock sides, I wanted maybe a close up of how crowded the town could be?

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  1. Hey Albert, I think overall values are very washed out. I mean, look at the first painting. and go back to the previous version of your first painting. Previous one had nice gradation of light from the horizon all the way down to foreground rock. But now you lost that. Foreground is too bright. You have same issue on all 4 paintings. hh also I see you put lot of time and effort to detail out the tiny boat in the foreground, but now your rest of the painting is crying out for more detail since you developed the boat too much. Balance out the painting in terms of the detail level. Keep it up Albert. Also, can you try some close up camera shot. All your paintings are wide angle right now. So do some painting the character is standing in the middle of the town and you see the buildings very close to the camera. Show me some process again on Thursday. Thanks.