Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Whenever I post something on here its always washed out. its actually a bit darker.
I put textures where i thought it mattered.

I'll post more up later. This is just what I have done.

Some silhouette studies for my new character for Jeff's class. Didnt really know how to design her so I just started off with the basics


  1. hmh I see. then I need to see on your monitor. Still more contrats neede. also let's put more medieval structure like the reference I gave you. For characters, you need stronger and steady gesture and more variation on silhouettes. right now they all look like same characters in just different poses.

  2. I agree with Charles, Find 1 steady pose that describes the characteristic of this warrior and play with different proportion and body type. Such as big, tall, fat, skinny, hunched, and more. For your environment, try to omit using texture before you go in color. Thanks! -lim