Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I just realized the last caterpillar's lower body sort of looks like a croissant, so i'll fix it later

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  1. Nice thumbnails, Susie. I like where your thumbnails are going. LEt's keep this up for now. Your composition got better but I think you can make these so much better with this pen technique. Let's push this. In the first page, 2nd line drawing is beautiful~! amount of line quality is not overdone and not too less. Just watch out the size of the tree each side. the one on the right could be smaller. 2nd pages look cool too. Overall working nicely, what you have to push to get the next set of these are more value separation. In other words, You should maintain these 3 value groups as you have right now, but use more maker values to give more range. But again, can't be mess. It should still read as 3 values from distance. For example, 2nd sketch from 2nd page can have more highlights on those round trees. Even on 3rd and 4th sketches on the same page can have more highlights or darks in each area.
    Painting still needs to have more details overall, better execution on soldiers, and buildings far back. I will do final paintover on this on Sat.
    I think caterpillar needs a lot more work, You should have lot of thumbnail sketches right now. Creatures are hard to do. Let's put little more time on this. take a look at the sample page
    look at the bird creature page. How he has some detail line work and some silhouette studies at the bottom of the page. Follow the same. Good job over all.