Tuesday, May 6, 2014


For the rabbit hole, should I follow the traditional story, where it's filled with a bunch of random objects, or should I try to brainstorm another idea? Also, I didn't expect the paintings to be so character-dominated, but I had trouble coming up with good compositions when it's just a long hole.. Should I just come back to the rabbit hole after Alice is designed, and move on to doing some more forest area?


  1. Hey Susie. Hold on rabbit hole. Let me talk to Lim first. I like bottom left thumbnail. But rabbit hole painting is just hard one to execute for anyone. Focusing on the second key shot. They look good. I like the 2 thumbnails. Cropping on big one is little weird. reference this painting http://img.gawkerassets.com/img/189zyu7x6mzjrjpg/original.jpg
    For mad hatter, I like the third one. Silhouette, gesture, proportion work best on him. Now think more about the costume now. more details and stuff.
    For Queen, 4th one indeed works the best. LEt's define her more.

  2. I agree with Charles, hold off on rabbit hole and let's finish on your castle keyshot. Upload color/lighting variation on #2 composition by tomorrow. And next time can you pls number each thumbnail so its easier for us to give you feedback. Can you upload your task list? -Lim

    1. I uploaded it on Saturday, it should be on here

    2. I uploaded it on Saturday, it should be on here