Thursday, June 26, 2014


still got to work on the top and back side part of the airship. dont know if the little guy helps with the scale. I'll try to think of an emblem to put on the flags


  1. nice sketches man. This one and the one below are great. I need to see bit more on the others. For Merlin's place, can you do smaller and simpler but bunch of thumbnail sketches again? different setting s and different types of rocks and trees in shapes and sihouettes. I don' thtink they are working yet.

  2. One more thing, I still think your rough sketches for blipms were much nicer hhh Let's try to bring those asthetics to the final design.

  3. charles, let me post up what ive been working on for Merlin's place. and do you want me to draw more like in the style of World of Warcraft? That seems what you tend to like.