Tuesday, June 10, 2014




  1. Hey Susie. Catepillar, silhouette is good. I would make some clean ups though. Do not worry about little stuff on him too much, Focus more on what kind of variation you can give depends on how his big circle mass is connected to each other. I mean you won't have too many variations since it's caterpillar. Head study needs a lot omore work. interms of clarity and edges. Also give little more dramatic lighting on these. I'll tell Jason to show you how to use two rim light on each side.
    I really like the mood of mad hatter paintings~!!! It's cozy and scary at the same time! Make sure #4 has no line work for the final thumbnail to match the rest. Try different lighting set up for each one. Can't wait to see these on Sat. Good job~! For the forest color, we can say it's finished for now. I might have you go back and touch up later. Mad hatter. need more work. Let's try some variations in terms of design. He feels too normal. kinda like just european duke with one eye. Let's push the shapes on him more. again, I'll discuss with JAson. THanks.

  2. Hey Susie. much better face and silhouettes. Can you apply simple tones on the silhouettes? Not a rendering. just to separate the light and shadow quickly while maintaining all the line designs. Also, Show me the environment and train process on Thurs. Thanks.

  3. HI, yesterday was my graduation so I was busy the entire day with family so I couldn't upload that much. I'll upload more tonight. Sorry!!