Monday, July 28, 2014

Feedback - Charles

Hey Guys. When you guys are in the class, can you go through this email with Jason? Ask him to get help on the tasks?

Hey Jason, Can you help the students on the following tasks?

Ryan-  His black lancelot idea is good but he seems very nice guy. do you remember Djimon Hounsou in isaldn movie?  Ryan google his iamge and change the lancelot face more like him. or Tyrese Gibson.
also look at this iamge for the reference

Susie- She is reapinting the mad hatter, Can you help her on the paint the face? Maybe you can show her the quick indication with lighting and have her to follow that.

Solin- Didn't get to see much chance to see her latest character on this Sat. But her character design and sketches are very solid. can you just help her to have nice  render shot of her charcter to sell?

Kevin- Also, didn't get chance to see his character on blo last week at all also couldn't fetch him after class on Sat. For him, At least 2,3 characters silhouette studies and variation stages should be ready at this point. just help him to set up that rather than focusin gon redndering final stage of character.

Albert- I don't think he has the old dude character rendering is ready yet. For him jason, I think for most of people in the class, Can you show them at once how to do quick believable lighting on the faces. I know I'm sure you went over this including other basic stuff. Except couple people, they really struggle especially in characters to have decent looking render pieces.

Also, for all the students, plz put your progress at least once,  and show some progress, Don't put s same stuff on Thursday if there is not that much progress from Tuesday. Especially, on characters and prop skethes, You have to utilize this blog thing to get feedback from me. Sat class is for Environment painting and sketch. I don't mind staying extra hours to help you guys on if you put enough effort and makes me excited. But if you don't post anything during the week on blog (mainly non environment sttuff) and expect me go through everything after Sat. class. It won't work that way. Don't get me wrong I still have to check those. But you guys have to show the progress everytime when you post on blog if you really want to get portfolios ready by Oct. or whenever you want to apply. Thanks, guys.

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