Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Feedback for Susie

Hi Susie
Thank you for uploading your work.
I am glad that you did more thumbnails for environment, looks good.
Let's ask Charles to pick up and do a final version by Saturday morning.

For the character, I did a quick paintover to show you some of my thoughts and correction on proportion.
For creature like this, there is really no right  or wrong answer to proportion but you can definitely utilize proportion as a shape language tool, what you want to express with this character. Is it scary? funny? glorious?
Feel free to utilize my paint over if you are happy how it communicates your character than doing it over. (color is saturated in blog but it will look better when you open jpg in photoshop)
As I mentioned to everyone last week, it's time for us to produce more not to do over finished work.

Let's finish this, queen, mad hatter by this Saturday

Good luck! 


Rendering style reference:

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