Tuesday, July 29, 2014

ryan (tues)

thumbnails for sat. I'll do some more. Albert told me to look at Paul Felix
I just now saw what you posted earlier and ill go back and rework them.

designs for vehicle and spear, ill be doing more by jeff's class tomorrow

characters. Lim doesnt like the face for queen

staff. Lim told me to go back and make background lighter, ill do taht tomorrow

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  1. dude I like Merlin a lot~!! He is your best character so far. His staff is cool too. Can you make lancelot what I suggested? more like 8,9 heads guy. His head is too big. he doesnt look strong at all. For your vehicle., this can be your best vehicle, you need lot of ideatioon sketches. Do it little small and fill 2 pages of 11x 17 papers.