Thursday, July 31, 2014

ryan (wed, technically thurs but who's counting)

more cave thumbs

added more details to some i liked. i'll do 2 more by thursday night


  1. Hey Ryan, These are pretty nice. Let's tighten up all these little more so we can use it for the alyout. Top center image and the last image are my favorites. Except the tree on the last one exaggerated little to much in terms of gesture.

  2. Comments for previous post. :dude I like Merlin a lot~!! He is your best character so far. His staff is cool too. Can you make lancelot what I suggested? more like 8,9 heads guy. His head is too big. he doesnt look strong at all. For your vehicle., this can be your best vehicle, you need lot of ideatioon sketches. Do it little small and fill 2 pages of 11x 17 papers.