Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Followed Charles' demo, but I really don't like how it's turning out...

some references for alice but I wasn't sure if this is the direction u would want me to go with since it's sort of typical.

I'll started on thumbnails for the entrance area and alice but I'll post them up later after they have more work put into them. 


  1. Hey Susie. I like the silhouette studies really cool, what characters is that for?
    For environment, I like the composition. I think it's the value and the perspective are little off. Your use of texture is pretty good but there are some charm in your earlier paintings when you used the minimum texture and relied mostly on your texture brush stroke. Hold on to this painting, ignore the composition I did on Sat. Just do another one based on whatever reference you want to find. But make sure you have a good lighting and color sample you start with. I'll leave that to you though.

  2. Big Thanks to Charles for leaving prompt feedback:)