Tuesday, July 29, 2014


just uploading the entire thing again just in case lim didn't see it.

really rough color thumbs

Jason's paintvoer

Lim: i completely forgot to scan my airplane and mushroom sketches before i left kazone i'll scan thm in

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  1. Love the mad hatter. finish it up.color thumbs are great. One note is that you should make 2 on the right side kinda different litghting set up. You already did but has to be more clear. Make the top one more twilight time and bottom one complete fog and moody. For Alice, keep exploring, dont forget to play with her proportion between body and head. For soldiers, I think they are getting too complicated. Can you focus more on stronger shape and silhouette overall and stay away from transformer like ribbed details? kinda distracting. You should have big big shapes, on the, and couple medium and small shapes for visual contrast. Thanks.