Tuesday, August 19, 2014

ryan [tues]

Mordred character. Added a hood because I havent designed his helmet yet, and i felt it looked more sinister. Jason approved of his design, wondering what else I could add. maybe a more mean stance, like garrosh?
not much work on this one, still have to define foreground better. should i add photo texture?

tried to go for a slum area.

overview shot for castle?

what should i look at for better lighting? Any reference you could think of would help.


  1. Hey., Pretty cool start on the bottom 2 paintings. I like ethe mood. now let's tight these paintings without loosing the mood and value. FOr characters, do not keep your value too dark, I noticed that on all your character black and white, you tend to use really dark value and not enough light material. They turn out really dark.

  2. One more thing, You are applying the photo texture too early on the last one.