Saturday, June 18, 2016

Task List due by 7/2/2016

-Finalize Howl-do value study Done
-design 2-3 props(teleportation wheel thing, kite, potion bottle?)
-finish up first environment for Sophie's town up to ~80 percent, fix up thumbnail 
-more thumbnails for Howl's castle

By 6/25:

  1. Bring in final line drawing of a character, value rendering, 3 color variation. Done
  2. Bring in detail 3/4 sketch of a helmet 
  3. Bring 10 rough sketches for teleportation wheel
  4. Finish value study on current working environment Done

-Finalize first characterDone
-Finalize first environmentDone
-Finalize gunDone

By 6/25:
  1. Finish line drawing of second character 2-3 moreDone
  2. Finish color rendering on underground: 3 diff lighting, 3 diff color (find reference for color and lighting)Done
  3. 2nd environment (10 thumbnails)Done

Final Penciled Windmill
Yupa Final Linework + Color VariationsDone
Nausicaa Sword Render

By 6/25:

  1. Valley B/W Environment (finalize)
  2. Nausicaa Sword Render (final 3/4 line drawing, value, 3 color variation)
  3. Yupa Final Linework + Color Variations

Finish Cannon Design
Finalize 2 environment Painting 

Jean: Below tasks are due by next sat
Finalize minimum of (4) 3/4 house sketchDone
Finalize character Design (detail line drawing)
Finalize grayscale of an interior line drawing and 3 color comps 

Ken:Below tasks are due by next sat
Bring in 10 refined witch house line drawing 

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