Saturday, September 3, 2016

Yoona's task

Yoona Oh
Revise layout

Ship rendering by Wed (Looks great, confirm with Charles)
sketch on pg 53 (Gooks great)
Finalize Irontown b/w painting and submit 3 color sketches to David (Finalize by Sat)
Finalize grayscale on ship interior (Work on more, confirm with Charles)
prop/interior callout on ship interior (Finalize by Sat)
add pg48 for market place call out (Awesome!)

Finish Underneath the forest Env ptg by Sat (Looks great, confirm with Charles)
Character "San" (Final line drawing, color variation, rendering)
Finish Irontown painting
Thumbnail creature design (need some guidance from Charles, will this look like a normal wolf? or humanoid?)

9/14 Wednesday
Figure drawing

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