Saturday, October 29, 2016

This week's homework for David & Charles Class

1. Finish Creature Thumbnails (Charles)
2. Hunter Wing Thumbnails 
3. New Environment/Finish B/W (3variations)
4. Trolley Final rendering (David)
5. Hunter Final Rendering 
6. Grandma Thumbnails
7. Hunter Town - Hunter Workshop 

Environment: Charles, can you pick your choice from her list and leave it as a comment? She wishes to prepare a portfolio for ACCD. 
  1. Restaurant (Establishing Shot, Interior, Exterior)
  2. Market 
  3. City Outskirts
  4. Deep Forest
  5. Castle 
  1. Spice Dispenser
  2. Swiss Army Utensils
  3. Magical Mixer
  4. Meat Grinder/Sausage Maker
  5. Grinder
  6. Ravioli Maker
  7. Oven
  1. Food Cart
  2. Medieval Bike
  3. Mobile Home
  4. Carriage

For David [Prince final line art, 3 grayscale variation, 3 color variation, 15 b/w thumbnails for next character(kid)]
For Charles [city 15 environment thumbnails]

David: Finalize platform

Finalize environment
Finalize line work (character)

Finalize character, color variation
she will update the location list

David: start on a vehicle (boat or air vehicle), Final 5 sketches for hut design
Charles: 15 study character variations based on charles choice (helmet character). 

Mindy: All by Sat
Finalize howl's moving castle
thumbnails for interior
Finalize all the characters (render/process work).


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