Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Albert Lim

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  1. I like bottom 3 the best. Try to avoid the cone roof shape on first one, It makes the design look very cartoony and toylike. #4 has the best DOF. #5 is nice one to show some forest but stay mostly with rocky minning area. It's fine to show forest option in this satge tough. Also, I wanted you to do the exactly same compositioan as the reference photo I gave you. remember the demo I showed you on Sat. Nothing helps better to follow excact process after the demo. Aslo, that wasnt my composition , it was the reference. #4 has similar compostision but I want you to do another thumbnail just like the reference photo. Aslo #4 should have more houses on the foreground instead of bunch of rocks. You want to show masive village thoughout the entire area. Also the tall rock tower thing on the left takes focal point out of city. You should get rid of it or lower it. #2 picture has weird value system, your middle ground where bulding are located is too dark. in #1, get rid of the birds. They are flying too evenly in distance. Make these changes and do another thumbnail based on the reference photo I gave you. These are due on Thursday. I'll let Jeff know. Also, post your line drawing sketches for the houses either today or tomorrow. Thanks, Albert.