Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Environment Thumbnails

All I have so far, will start on a color by tonight.

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  1. #4 and #5 looks cool. You should push values on all these before you come to Sat class. Too much dark in #1,2,3, in the foreground. give some reflected lights. I know these are thumbnails but you want to make all these look great in portfolio.
    in #4, make the center castle little higher so that it becomes focal point or lower the height of the left building. Also put some hot spot on the castle somewhere where the sunlight hits. Let's do color on both #4and #5. really like the composition. Start #4 first. So by this Sat, you should have all these thumbnails with revised value and #4 color almost finished. You can post again here or show me on Fri to get more feedback bf Sat. Thanks.