Tuesday, May 20, 2014

ryan [tues]

added a little more detail from what you said in Jeff's paintover. I want to rocks to be obsidian and have a flat surface to make them more unique

obsidian details

Color wash for wagon. Bison will be pulling the cart, dno if it had to be in it or not
some thumbnails for the jungle area, i'll post up a reference page later.


  1. yeah Great reference. Now let's paint like your reference Photo. I wasn't talking about the surface being clean. I was saying no matter how dark the material is, if it receives the light, it should have form readability. Look at 2nd photo you found. Do you see flat 2d cutout? I clearly see the bottom plane and left side plane lit by bouncing light.
    Bring the value down on bison. IT is the first read right now. Ask Toph for rendering on Fri.
    FOr bw thumbnails, I like 1st,2nd, and 4th one. Let's just focus on those.

  2. what is your opinion on the color for the wagon? do you think it reads well?