Thursday, July 17, 2014

ryan [thrs

not much of an update, widened up the frame but it still feels meh.

merlin's wizard staff concepts for friday. will work on the final for tomorrow.
also i fixed the perspective for the castle, but i'm lazy and didnt want to scan it im sorry :c


  1. Hi Ryan
    Thank you for the update, Merlin's Staff looks much better.
    Let's finalize staff design and full color by the end of Friday class. Also, can we have Jeff help you on environment painting Friday class as well? Environment upload has little progress from Charles' paintover from last Saturday.
    You should also revise/finalize your character design by Saturday as well.
    Thank you

  2. For the staff, I think they still look very simple. Try to give difference in size between head part and the staff body. Try some staright body than bended. They should look very different in silhouette before we click the image. Right now, I have to click them to see the difference in details. Google darksider or darksider 2 weapon. See how they exagerated the proportion and stuff. even they are little stylized than what you are going for. It still looks so much better in terms of good thumbnail and variation of weapon design. Think that you play merlim in MMO and his staff will get upgraded 12 times. it should get crazier and crazier. For the background, can you just go with colors. It is just a couple push behind from bein g awesome mood shot. Just make sure you have to separate the triagle looking rock platform your character stand on right now. Push the rest to the distance by lift the value slowly. But do with colors. You have to practice so many paintings right now Ryan to be able to crank out lot of pieces for your portfolio due on Oct. You have show me at least 3 by tomorrow morning. Same color same mood but the same area in the cave. How was the doctor's appoint? everything good?