Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Still trying to render it out having some problems with it though.

 Almost done I think? Jeff gave me some feed back on what to fix and detail I should be finished by sat

I started on the main character Ashitaka I did a bunch of thumbnails with some reference and showed
Jason for some feedback. I ended up mashing some designs we both liked together and ended up with this.
I'm still working on it and I plan on designing the inside too because I realized the cloak was covering too much.

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  1. Hey Kevin can you sample this color on you r 2nd painting?

    bring more saturated green into your light and see in your shadow area , you need more temperature change as in the sample painting, For Characters, you need a lot more variation with the costume you designed. Spent little more time on the design too. I think graphic on the cloak is too evenly divided.