Thursday, July 3, 2014

ryan [thurs]

added a cool sun for better detail


  1. This one definitely works better than the other one. But I want to see like 4 more of these. same quality, same approach. show me the variation and process. If you want to have this one as final building. You should have at least 8 thumbnails, and another 4 to 5 stage between this and thumbnail.

  2. i already have some thumbnails i just have to make them look presentable and i can go back and do the 4 to 5 others that you want. I wanted to finish up on the city buildings and do a poor house and tavern by the end of next week so i can hurry up to the crypt area where excalibur is held. i think i can do a cool callout of the sword in the altar and like the ruins stuff