Thursday, July 3, 2014


I was looking at Framed ink, so I wanted to try to copying his style on some of these using only 3 or 4 simple values. 

I'm just starting to use graphite powder, so I'm not that used to it. I might go back with photoshop and darken the darkest darks.

when Jeff checked my painting last night, he suggested to change the composition from the previous painting, so I just copied and pasted what i had, so right now it doesn't really look unified, but i'll paint over it

 Jeff and I just noticed that the perspective was really off, so I started erasing some stuff. I think it will be sort of a quick fix though.

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  1. Hey Susie, I like the first set of thumbnails you have here. Let's check all your thumbnails tomorrow and we will decide how we should adjust your thumbnails style. FOr graphite powder piece, you have to really really take time. So rather than doing all of them, just pick one you really like and try to do perfect render. Paul felix of armand serrano has good samples. There is something about the painting that isn't working queit yet. I think it's the empty space on the right sky. Also, the color is very random. Let's figure this out tomorrow as well. I 'll stay longer to solve this after class. For the sketch, I really like the left side. You have to decide on this whether you want to keep the left or right. Good job.