Tuesday, July 1, 2014

ryan [tues]

Hey charles, had a pretty slow day today so not much to upload :\
Here's the design for the blacksmith. tried to give the forge and bellows some function. Also what do you think about the 2 different types of roofs? I remember Toph saying not to do two different types but I thought it would be nice to add something besides tile.
badly proportionate drawings of what I thought the final queen dress should look like 

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  1. You're jumping in to detail too early. I love the fact that you picked up toph's form language but bad influence was skipping all the thumbnail process. It is so clear that Tim hates the portfolio without lot of thumbnail sketches that won't explain your thinking process. Go back to basics. Show all your thinking process on the paper that will go directly on your portfolio layout. thumbnail aren't your choice. It's requirement for portfolio process. Instead of asking me whether 2 roof types are working or not, do 6 different types of houses that has same or 2 or 3 different types of roof tops. Show that in your simpler sketches. That way, me , lim and Tim eventually will see in your process that you were making those choices and you were debating between 2 roof tops of even 3 whatever. Same thing goes for your characters as well. Don't think about the line too much, focus on silhouette and shapes.