Tuesday, July 1, 2014


hi, could you give feedback on this one so I can finish off tomorrow with Jeff?
original file is darker and muted

for this one I jumped in earlier with color..
this is valley of wind-> I'm thinking of making it a main trading market where people from all over gather
but composition-wise I wanted to keep the town pretty far away in view  

 lim thought I could do a windmill redesign and make that one of my props 
so I might hold off this painting for after I finish the windmill
also lim suggested doing more simple landscape type scenery maybe just showing a few big windmills

I'll probably start thumbnailing for the bone tribe people's environment
any suggestions on what I should try on the next painting??

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  1. Hey Solin, nice black and white thumbnails. I know those are all wide shot camera. Try some medium and close up shot composition as well. You need to develope the design of the windmill and the painting at the same time. Sometimes, if you follow exactly like the line drawing when you paint, design might get stiff. So work both at the same time. Since you are dealing with most important area of the story, let's have lot of thumbnails for this area. GIve me various camera angles as I mentioned above but also, think about different areas of the town as well. Entrance area, farmland, city buildings, townehall, river area, windmill area. Apply camera angles to all these. Also You should have lot of greens in the valley of the wind, since you want to show the difference compare to other cities. Also, when you pick the color, think about the time of the day. Google the reference photo based on, sunny day, hazy day, sunset, sunrise. Can you show me more of black and white and couple color thumb by Sat? ( only valley of the wind I mentioned above)