Tuesday, July 15, 2014

ryan [tues]

used Charles' demo for color

color key shots for the cave painting. ill post ref.

lancelot w/ face ref. think i made him too angry

merlin guy w/ face ref think he looks a little short, maybe i should add a hood to make him more mysterious.

Used that anthony jones face ref, you gave me for queen. ditched the feathers and gave her the gown

sketches for staff & spear. I didn't really like doing the spear. 


  1. Hi Ryan
    Thank you for posting your work.
    Environment: Let's wait for Charles' feedback.
    Character: Lancelot, much better. Fix his left foot, more detail on his armor, but all these can be fixed in color stage. You don't need to do costume color variation on this.
    Merlin: Much better, give hood if necessarily but I think it's good as now, his drape clothes looks symmetry, look at some reference to have more variations in folds. Address this in color, do at lest 3 variations of custom changes in color before you finalize it.
    Queen: Does not look unique enough to be a prominent character, needs more theatrical element to make her look like a queen, fix her error in her anatomy and proportion. this character can wait until next Monday.
    Your top priority is to finalize first 2 characters by this Saturday.
    Good job

    1. Prop: Let's wait for Charles' feedback, add more detail design/stroke in your b/w thumbnail, too rough to be include in your portfolio

    2. can i ask of some examples of theatrical elements to make the queen look like THE queen?

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  3. Hey Ryan, stay with your 2nd reference. IT's great. You can see sutble color variation in the light area. Dont go too monochromatic. First reference is too mono.Also, lets stretch canvas horizontally so you can play with more empty space on one side. Can you show me the process on this on Thursday? I want you to finish this by Sat. I love the black Lancelot. hh nice choice. much better painting application on characters too. Let's keep the back ground brighter since his skin is dark. I'll talk to lim but can you make all the changes lim ask in the color version? so dont work on the black and white anymore go right into color. I want you to produce good amount of color character pieces from now on so we can get some final pieces. So start color one to match black and white while adding all the notes Lim gave you.