Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Hey Susie. I did quick take on your painting. Can you do simpler color thumbnails like this? Dont worry about details. Just focus more on the composition and the camera but try to push more overlaps and value organizing. Let's loose the purple in your color. It is little distracting. Let's keep it just orange and green and transition color.  So spend less time on the texturing and  render. Just do 4 to 5 color thumb based on this color. Be little more simple about the shapes.


  1. Environment: Get feedback from Charles, and finish this with Jeff by Wednesday night.
    Character: Creature:Much better, hands on chest are too symmetrical, revise hands to have some gesture. His staff should have some more magical or interesting element.
    Mad hatter: Much better, face and rendering style is too cartoony. Does not fit in your environment. Look at reference for face and drape.
    Lock device: Let's wait for Charles' feedback, finalize line drawing by Wednesday night and finish final rendering by Friday night.
    Good job

  2. I like the green and orange on the environment. great start. I'll do some paintover on this one and repost. For the Lock design,I think these are beautiful graphics but getting little to complicated on some of them. Let's keep the overall silhouette simple but crazy details within that. I think spade on second row and the heart and hexagon works the best. They are simple but very readable from distance. Can you start on 3/4 view line thumbs on these? not the crazy detail but start thinking in 3d space and start applying the functions too. I'll have Jeff to help you on this on Fri. Huge improvement on character. Let's polish these. Can you bring secondary light from left to right on the mad hatter? on his right leg? It's little too dark and getting flattened. bring subtle cool light to bring the form out little bit. Also, add some texture work to the back ground. Good job~!!