Wednesday, July 16, 2014


hey Solin I found this painting I did about 6 years ago for project offset fanart.  Can you mimic the building indication here? Very similar subject. Bring some saturated colors on the windmill fan as well. 

haven't painted since Saturday's feedback yet

I got more feedback from Jason yesterday on these so I'll paint over these as well

I'm having trouble starting the fat guy's final for some reason and felt like I was wasting time over it 
so I'm just moving on for now. I'll probably try again sometime this week


  1. Hi Solin
    Thank you for the update.
    Let's finish environment, 2 characters by saturday. You will need big help from Jeff on your environment today, Characters I think you are in good hands with Jason. Follow his direction and finish all 3 characters by Monday. For the fat character, upload your wip so I can take a look.
    Have you start on vehicle or prop with Jeff yet? what are you going to work on Friday with Jeff?
    Good job
    Thank you

  2. Hey SOlin. Let's get on the environment painting. can you show me the progress on thursday night.? remember to introduce all the residential houses around windmill. Character sketchs are awesome but the final painting needs some focal point and highlight. maybe its's the blog again or something, I'm not saying paint everything with direct light but let's bring some characters into the light. I just messeged
    Jason to help you out . So do your won painting so you can show him next week so he can paint over. Thanks.