Thursday, July 10, 2014


this is Merlin's design. tried to show emotion in his actions like casting magic and whatnot. tried to make him look peaceful, yet powerful.
For the queen's design, I was more or less skeptical on what I wanted her to look like. The dress feels iconic, like thats what a queen would wear. But on the second page, I wanted to make her outfit more active like she has to run around the castle doing her duties and whatnot. The page is really rough, and I'll post some reference of what I want to queen to look like.

Also Lim, for the grayscale, do you want me to paint over these in photoshop or just make thumbnail characters in photoshop?

face reference, sorta. the first lady is from Kingdom of Heaven and is like what I want the queen to look like because she's really stressed and stern.


  1. Hi Ryan
    Thank you for posting your work.
    I asked you to do followings:
    Re-do Knight thumbnail and finalize line drawing and grayscale.
    Finish Queen and Merlin in line drawing and grayscale.

    What you did is facial expression and character gesture. You should not do facial expression or gesture before you finalize the character.

    Reason why I asked you re-do your character thumbnails for all of your character is to have a better design and line quality just like what you did with brush pen on your latest one.

    For grayscale, you should do grayscale render on your final line drawing of your character.
    Click link below fore reference.


  2. Lim what do you think about have ryan do characters in just photoshop paint?Because he doesn't have strong foundation in figure drawing and head drawing, line work shows that more. In photosop paint, we can cover things a lot.