Thursday, July 10, 2014


snow vehicle for pejite people
I think I'll start drawing a little smaller on the line ideation drawings..they were taking too long

initial sketches on pejite people
I'm still figuring out what I really want..
might do a laid back older guy that smokes cigarette type thing not sure
saving a child character for the next one


  1. Hi Solin
    Thank you for posting your wip.
    Vehicle, before you do any 3/4 do more shilhoutte thumbnail and pick few of interesting element and do side view line drawing just like what you are doing but need to see more variations.
    Click link to see reference.

    Character: have you done small thumbnails? if you did not let's develop that stage first.


  2. Looking good solin. Vehicle thumbnails lloks awesome. the link Lim attached are really good. sample that for the guide line but don't copy the style. Thanks.