Tuesday, August 5, 2014

rya [tues]

color piece using those texture brushes. i like using them, theyre fun. do you want me to do different shots using this same method?

 thumbs and ref for new character: Mordred

first thumb
changed the face, thought it felt more heroic
changed the face, ref on right

For prop/environment, Lim's told me to do another weapon and I'm thinking of doing a shield (ref below), but for environment/vehicle I'm doing nothing. I don't want to do another vehicle haha. I was thinking of going back to the houses I was doing (rich house/blacksmith) and making a poor house or tavern (or both).

for shield, im going for a buckler type shield (no super-crazy silhouette) with lots of intricate detail, ill have some rough sketches for wednsday class. 


  1. Sure, you can try more but can you clean up the painting little bit? Your brush stroke is little too messy as well as silhouette of characters. Lancelot is much better~! Would be nice to design his helmet as well. You sure you want to show the artcenter your shield design skill with that circle design? Think carefully, why you need to design the circle shield when you can get so many detail reference you can just photobash to your circle shape in the photoshop? Think differently, what was your favorite shield in dark soulds or demons souls>? one thing I remember was they werent the circle ones. Whatever your last character , I like her the second most after Merlin. that fence in her back adds so much characteristics to her. Start coloring her but do not maker too dark as your black and white one.

    1. okay, so for the painting: tighten up painting/still use texture brushes
      character: for lancelot, i can design a helmet. What is your opinion on Mordred? i can clean up silhouettes, but is it going in the right direction? and the last character was the queen. I'll do a color of her, but should i tighten up her grayscale before?
      weapon: Lim told me something like a circular shield would be just fine, but I think you're right for exploring it a bit more. And, Lim didn't like the spear design (because it looked too much like Merlin's staff) and I was thinking of just doing a new weapon. Something like a mace/specter/morningstar

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  3. Yeah more silhuoette studies on the bad guy, Also push more unique shapes for the spear. Go something different silhouette from Mer;ins staff. Circular shield is fine as a final if oyu really do nice rendering but I meant in the process you should show more than just circular shields, For the queen, it's up to you to tighten that up but I want you to have really nice rendered color version. Try not to paint that on top of black and white. It's really hard to do that. Morning star or other weapons are fine just push little more than regular weapon look.