Tuesday, August 5, 2014


have to fix the one on right side

Lim suggested to stop by viscom class this thursday and work on the plane with Joe so I'll update thursday and/or tomorrow

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  1. Hey Susie, Colors on those 2 are little off, First one is missing the middle value, All I see is the pink background and dark tree silhouette. Even though these are color thumbs, you want to show nice value range on these. See your painting #3 from the top 4 group. You have nice dark foreground tree and bright background also nice middle value inthose plants and stair gradation. You want to have nice gradation on those. For 2econd color thumb, you should go darker sky to have that orange color pop. I think your strongest one from these is the 3rd painting. you can start final on that. For characters, I like your painting style thumbnail better than line work, these are not bad at all, but I'm pushing you so all your art from now on can be put into your portfolio as high level. Gesture has to be stronger on 2nd and 3rd one. First charcter has too small sheild to cover his gigantic body. Can you tak another path on these?